hi i'm simone and i'm a pile of poo weeaboo nerdlord
quantum dreamdeath
MY GUESSES 5'2" 19 years, you talk like baby, i imagine you drool in your sleep lmao, fav color is the sunset...., evening maybe, you are actual real anime

image hohoo….hohohoo


Send Me Your Headcanons For Me!!! (for my ziggy)

Height?: i know your height but i like to think you’re 5’8”

Age?: i know your age too! 21 heck yes but you will perpetually be 19 to me

Voice pitch?: soft and gentle, medium pitch

Sleeping position, Do I drool or Snore in my sleep? : sturdy sleeper, maybe you snore if you’re SUPER tired, totally drool though

Favorite Color?: like cobalt or ash? i associate you with neutral colors hoohoo

Morning, Noon, Or Evening Person?: def evening person, one with the night and the stars and dusk 

Anything Else?: you are very appreciative, good with pets, when you get scared by something (like a halloween decoration) you stand stark still and make no sound whatsoever….